This furnace is amazing

The two of us started working for a local apartment communities last year. The two of us. We would be stuck working on maintenance around the area, but the two of us quickly found out that we would be responsible for sitting in the security beach cabin throughout the entire night. From the hours of 10 at night, until 8 in the morning, the two of us sat around inside of the beach cabin security area, equally hoping something would happen to break up the boring monotony. Unfortunately, very little happened at night to equally take us from our job. To make matters mostly worse, the two of us were stuck in this 50 feet box without any furnace or air conditioning plan. It wasn’t horrible in the beginning, when the temperatures were above average and the breeze was the end of early September, the two of us were regretting sitting in this tiny building. Without a furnace, the two of us sat around shivering most of the time. My friend decided to break protocol, and picked up a tiny heater for our hands.The heater is the size of a small remote control car.It does not take up much space and the furnace works off 110 electricity. Our boss has no idea that we have a furnace, because we leave it in the truck until he leaves at the end of the day. We just don’t want to sit around being cold all night long. We should have heat anyways, when the temps are so frigid.

adam’s heatingĀ