This is very fancy

So, I recently told my brother, who has been asking for years for all of us to get a cabin in the  mountains for thanksgiving, that I will probably not be going to the cabin he picked out for this year’s holiday retreat. The cabin he chose at first is really too much like roughing it for my taste. The first one he chose does not even have a furnace for heat! The heater is a wood stove. Now, I don’t really know if a wood stove is all that useful as a heater for a house, but I don’t really want to find out when I am 500 miles away in some cabin over a holiday weekend. So, my brother got his deposit back and decided to look for a different kind of cabin in the mountains. I suggested that when he types in his internet search terms, he should use the words mountain retreat rather than cabin in the woods. He said he is going to look for a fancier mountain retreat with modern HVAC equipment just for me. I have to say that I appreciate efficient heating and cooling more than I appreciate just about anything else in a home. I like a nice kitchen with pretty countertops, but if the countertops are ugly, that is better than having terrible HVAC. Heating and cooling is, in my opinion, the number one item that makes a home, or in this case a vacation retreat, is heating and cooling comfort. Without a good heater and air conditioner, it is nearly impossible to be comfortable. Especially now that I am older, comfort is important. We will see if my brother finds a suitable mountain retreat with modern HVAC.

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