Reaching our destination

For years, my sister has been trying to get me to go to a small mountain cabin over Thanksgiving.  It seems like all she ever finds are these ugly little cabins with no heating or air conditioning. I guess the air conditioning isn’t so important, since it is Thanksgiving, but it would be nice to have some heating.  Not to say that there is no heating at all, because there is a wood stove in the cabin. I can’t understand why she would think a wood stove is efficient heating for an entire three bedroom cabin. I don’t want to be hundreds of miles from home and not have proper heating.  I’m getting older, and without good heating, I’m just not comfortable anymore. She ended up getting her deposit back, but she is still on the hunt for the perfect getaway for our family Thanksgiving destination.I told her the maybe she should change the search she is using.  I thought that she should use the words mountain retreat or even a mountain chalet or cottage. For me, I would love to have a modern kitchen, as well as the heating system, but maybe that is too much to ask. I guess, as long as it has a real working furnace, I will consider going on the trip with her.  If she is unable to find a cabin with a working heating and air conditioning system, then I will just have to back out again. It is imperative that I have the heating and cooling if I am to go anywhere other than my own home.