We have a baby in the family

For several years, my brother and his wife, have been trying to talk our entire family into going to the mountains with them for the holidays.  For the last several years, I have flat out refused to go to the mountains and spend my holidays in the cabins that he has chosen. I refuse to leave my home with the excellent heating system, and go to some cabin that doesn’t have any heating system.  He says that there are fireplaces in these cabins, but I’ve seen the pictures, and the cabins could have been constructed when George Washington was alive. I questioned him every year and then told him thank you, but no thank you. This year he asked for my input on the cabin.  I told him to put the area in the search and then put in cabin with HVAC and sleeps ten. I also told him to put a full kitchen in the description. I’m not sure what all he came up with, but I think he liked the idea of the fireplace and not the HVAC system. I told him that I would get our parents to the cabin if it had heating and air conditioning, and a good ventilation system.  The kitchen was a big plus, but if he wanted myself and our parents there, he had to, at the very least, have a real heating and air conditioning system in place. I think he forgets that we are all getting older and comfort is important to us. He is the baby of the family and that makes him almost twenty years younger than I am. That makes a big difference.

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