Saving many lives

When the hurricane hit our coast last fall there was so much damage that many lives were turned upside down. Between flood waters, downed trees, and lack of supplies, it was a pretty miserable existence for most of the residents of our small town. The biggest problem was the loss of power that lasted for almost two weeks. We have a local hospital that can’t really function without power.  The roads were closed so the idea of moving the patients was almost impossible. Thankfully, the local HVAC dealers stepped up to help out. The emergency generator at the hospital was damaged and they had their crews working day and night to get it back online. They also brought out every spare portable one they had to be able to run emergency equipment and oxygen machines for patients that needed it. I am not sure if the companies even know how many lives they saved during that time.  If not for their dedication and generosity many families would have had an even harder time because they would have had to say final goodbyes to loved ones. When natural disasters strike it can be the most stressful time that a person has had to deal with. A bit of kindness from neighbors can go a long way towards making the whole ordeal easier to take. As power began to be restored many people took in strangers so that they could enjoy the air conditioning and take hot showers that they hadn’t been able to do for days.  When the hospital came back online the HVAC dealers even offered generators on loan to some to help out too.

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