Talking with my parents

We had a really bad hurricane that came up the cost last year.  It was bad enough that we all had our lives turned topsy turvy for a while.  Between flooding, uprooted trees, and no way to get in supplies, it was a pretty harrowing experience.  I think the worst of the problems stemmed from not having any power. Some people went without power for months.  There were some places that couldn’t go without power because they had patients inside. I was surprised at how quickly the local HVAC companies responded to their needs, and supplied portable generators to these institutions.  There were people who lived in their homes and they needed power for their oxygen or for the air conditioning because of breathing issues. Many of the local HVAC companies were able to bring in mini generators and give them to their customers to give them comfort.  I sometimes wonder if these HVAC companies realize what a service they did for these residents. They didn’t just treat them like customers, but they treated them like humans. It seems that when disaster strike, it brings out the humanity in people, and they strive to work with their fellow man and make things less stressful.  I take my hat off to all of those first responders and to the HVAC companies who helped to relieve the stress of millions of people. Their kindness gave others with their own generators, the impetus to help out their neighbors. They invited neighbors who had more damage, to live in their homes until their homes were repaired, and until their power was restored.

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