Saving lives

Last year, we had a really bad hurricane hit our city.  It truly devastated the lives of many people and it left entire cities without electricity, under water, and without shelter.  We went without power for over two weeks and even longer in other areas. Our local hospital can’t operate without power, and we were having difficulty getting any supplies into the city because the bridges were out.  The local HVAC companies got together and they got all of their generators. Generators were donated to the hospices, where they weren’t attached to the hospital emergency power system. There were HVAC technicians everywhere.  Many were trying to restore power to the homes of people who depended on oxygen or other life saving support systems. Even the use of a portable generator gave comfort to those people. Throughout that period, I didn’t hear of anyone getting billed for the work that these hard working HVAC men and women were doing.  The police and firemen were all being hailed. Now I want to be the one to tip my hat and say a huge thank you to those HVAC service techs and contractors, who came to the aid of their fellow man. Without them, I wonder how many people would have succumbed to the heat and humidity. It absolutely amazes me how one small kindness can spearhead an entire city and get them to come together as one big family and help each other.  There was one family that brought another family into their home, and gave them shelter, food and air conditioning for almost a full month until they were able to get back into their homes.

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