I want to be on my own

I couldn’t believe all of the help that came from the HVAC companies in our community when we were all but decimated by the hurricane last year.  There was so much destruction, and people were totally overwhelmed. There were downed trees, houses were barely standing, and the flood waters nearly covered our area.  We had few supplies and it was a very meager home for most of our residents. Not just the HVAC companies from our area arrived to help, but some from the mainland, also showed up.  We have a small hospital in our town, and the first place to get a generator was at the hospital. It helped to keep the patients safe for the duration. Without the generator, there was no air conditioning, and the heat and humidity that followed the storm would have been deadly if they had to go without the air conditioning.  They has small portable generator that was donated to the people who had heart conditions or lung conditions and depended on air conditioning to help them breathe, and who had oxygen. They saved many lives during that time. I wonder if they realize how beneficial they were to the health of our residents. I wonder if those HVAC techs realize how much they were appreciated.  They were a godsend to every person in our community. Because of their time and generosity, they had everyone in our community coming forth and offering whatever service they could, to help those less fortunate than they were. There was one large house in the middle of the destruction, that remained unscathed. The owner opened the house to whomever were without shelter, and made them feel at home.

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