Membership fees

Nothing seems to be more horrible, than having to deal with a terrible working Heating and Air Conditioning device. That problem is only a double edged sword, when you have no control over the Heating and Air Conditioning weather patterns. This was the case last weekend, when I was at the work out area. It’s no secret that our work out area is 1 of the most expensive in our town. They have top of the line facilities and a good deal of unusual exercise machines. The fitness center also has a running track on the top floor, and a pool in the lower floor. It’s a big complex, and I spend my money on it monthly for my own membership fees. This is almost as much as joining the country club, so I expect all of the good perks to be available for use. Three days last month, the pool was out of commission for a bit! Now it seems as if the Heating and Air Conditioning device has become not worthy of my money either! One of my friends was working out last week, and the Heating and Air Conditioning device was not even turning on. She said the indoor air was not good and icky. I did not have any issues later than that day, so I figured it was a weird occurrence. Last night though, the A/C device was busted again. Both days while I was in the week there, I had to suffer through bad air conditions at the work out area. The crew of us spend our money, a big amount of cash, for our membership fees and the people I was with and I should have no problems using any of the amenities.