I’m loving the motel

My wife in addition to myself have been steadily getting excited for our vacation. We have been making plans for the past 2 weeks, in addition to book a nice flight in addition to a great Hotel. My wife in addition to myself are hoping for a nice time, when we check into our Motel. We went on a short trip a few months ago, in addition to had a surprisingly bad experience in our Motel. We checked in on a Thursday afternoon, in addition to immediately went to dinner. We didn’t realize the air conditioning equipment had not been tasking, when we checked into the room. When my wife in addition to myself surprisingly came back to the room, we realize the air conditioning equipment had malfunctioned. By the time we made the call to the front desk, their maintenance crew member had already left for the evening. We asked to switch to an entirely different room, but unfortunately, the whole side of that building had a problem with the air conditioning equipment. We had to leave that place immediately, and seek out a different Refugee to lay our heads. The circumstances were surprisingly difficult, because there was a large race in town in addition to most of the rooms were booked. My wife in addition to myself and it up driving four hours back home in addition to canceling our entire Excursion. We’re hoping for a better outcome during this next vacation. We tried to make sure the room had great reviews for the entire Heating and cooling unit.

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