Decent climate control

When I heard that one of my favorite groups was coming to my town for a concert, I was really thrilled about it. I rushed to purchase tickets for me and my girlfriend. She loves the group as well and we were both really stoked about it. We were even able to get VIP tickets to meet the group after the show. When we went to the concert, it was held outdoors and it was an insanely hot day. The humidity was so unbearable, but it was still such a fantastic show! I just wished we had some sort of A/C or cooling machines outdoors to keep the crowd more comfortable. When we went on the backstage to meet the band, I was pleased that the venue was perfectly chilled with relaxing A/C. These guys were a great group of people and we had a great time talking with them. They were cracking jokes and even played some more music. I bet they wouldn’t have been so enthusiastic if they didn’t have that wonderful climate control back there. I was so happy and relieved. If there wasn’t any decent climate control, even though I was able to meet the band, I probably would have had to cut it short or I likely would have passed out from the extreme heat. I really am not good at tolerating intense heat and humidity. I’m honestly surprised I was able to make it through the show, but I just had such a fabulous time. About halfway through the show I thought I might not make it, but my girl was encouraging me to stay.

humidity control