I’m very okay with this

I like the comfort of convenience, like most people.  It is definitely one of the major advantages of living in modern times.  When I remember the good ole days, I recall hard work and inconvenience. For example, a childhood memory that I have is watching my grandmother as she went outside to her garden to pick peas and corn.  I would sit by her as she shelled the peas and shucked corn. But when I was required to actually help instead of watching, I thought this stinks! As an adult, I cook some but microwave more. The advent of online shopping was another step toward unbridled convenience.  I was even more excited when I learned that I could make the servicing of my A/C unit convenient as well. I understand that preventative maintenance is important for my HVAC system, so I try to do as much of it as I can. I change my A/C filter regularly every month. Also, to help the HVAC system run smoothly, I keep the registers unblocked by furniture and rugs.  I keep the debris removed from the outside unit as well as keep the foliage trimmed back. The condenser unit also gets hosed down when I see dirt starting to accumulate on it. But there are some things that I must leave to the professionals. I have a HVAC service tech check and calibrate the thermostat. They also measure voltage and current on equipment motors, as well as tighten electrical connections.  Since I must have these services performed regularly anyway, I found an HVAC club that offers repair discounts, priority scheduling, even no-after hours or holiday fees. Another needed convenience that I can’t live without.

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