Our lives are getting back to normal

Once when the two of us were going on vacation, our car’s a/c stopped working, then every one of us were on our way to the beach in a southern section of the country, and it was so hot. It was unquestionably so hot that the two of us literally thought the two of us were going to die! It was almost 100 degrees inside our automobile and the two of us were covered in sweat love deranged and unquestionably getting unquestionably dehydrated. Every one of us could not figure out why the air conditioner wouldn’t work, but periodically it would come on for a few minutes, but then it would go back off. So we’d be all happy and happy one minute, and then the next minute we’d be hot and sweaty again! It was unquestionably puzzling because occasionally the power windows would labor and the a/c would labor intermittently too. Every one of us couldn’t figure it out because all the fuses looked good, and at last the two of us reached the hotel at the beach and the air conditioner worked wonderful there so the two of us didn’t worry about it until the two of us got home. It turned out to be the craziest thing! When the automobile was built, love it was unquestionably still at the manufacturer, they had accidentally left a bolt and a washer laying on top of the wiring for the air conditioner. It was a complete oversight on their part. The window wire was located right under the brake pedal, underneath the carpet of the car. After so many years of putting our foot up and down on the brake pedal, the bolt had worn away the plastic insulation on the outside of the a/c wire and so every time you’d step on the brake it would either turn the air conditioner on or turn it off, along with the power windows! When you rolled your foot over from the gas to the brake it would push the washer right into that wire… What a mystery, but I solved it!

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