A heat pump is a good idea

Going home to the South for retirement has been a dream of mine.  Although I have enjoyed seeing various sites and experiencing different cultures, it’s time to go home.  I have missed many things about southern life. The simple culture is that which I have grown accustomed to.  The weather, well that too is just wonderful. I don’t need to be going elsewhere. While building my house, I had to make a decision on the type of heating and cooling system that I desired.  My initial reaction was to choose a heat pump. The heat pump had been a fixture in my childhood thus I had become familiar with its performance. I was somewhat perplexed, however, by the many new options on a heat pump.  I had never encountered variable speed motors. These heat pumps can now be outfitted with an ECM, an electrically commutated motor. Basically, this means that the motor can alternate its rotations per minute based on the needs of the system.  The ECM begins and stops slowly to completely evacuate all of the conditioned air from my home’s air ducts. The astounding part is that this ECM utilizes only a fraction of the energy that the single-speed motor had. I also learned that our heat pump can additionally heat our pool.  I couldn’t believe it’s versatility. I selected a heat pump that uses a desuperheater. This comical sounding component is pure genius. The desuperheater functions by using heat that is typically wasted from the heat pump to heat my pool’s water. I am now able to save over twenty percent on what it would cost to heat the pool in a more traditional manner.  I could not be happier with my heating/air conditioning choice. I’ll be selecting the heat pump every time now that I’m back in the South again.

heat pump system