I could find a thermostat

My energy bills continue to rise.  I reside in the South full-time so this is awful news in the summer.  The air conditioning runs quite a bit when the heat index begins to soar.  I have wanted to moderate cooling costs for some time now but had been too lazy to do anything about it.  This summer, things are changing. I’ve devoted a few day researching methods to save on my energy bills. I had put a call into my local HVAC specialist.  He returned some great tips to assist as well. It all starts with the thermostat. It appears that a smart thermostat is going to be the way to go. They have been discovered to be the most efficient at maintaining consistent temperatures.  As a substitute, I have set my thermostat to either 81 or 82 degrees when I am away at work. When I get back, I then lower it to a moderate 77. Before I turn in, I switch it once again to a cool 74. I’ve found that me changing the level of air conditioning while at work was a mistake.  The house and all its contents gets too warm. It takes more much energy, at this point, to make things cool again upon return. Additionally, with the cooling component turned down, the level of humidity can elevate unnecessarily giving way to conditions for mold. I had additionally placed curtains on the windows that allow direct sunlight into the home.  The heating of ambient air by direct sunlight can be a large source of unwanted heat during summer months. I have additionally incorporated fans to my cooling regimen. These fans cost about a penny per hour to operate. That is nothing compared to the nearly 40 cents per kilowatt hour for the heating and cooling system. Fans help to cool the skin’s surface which tricks the mind into believing that the ambient temperature is cooler than it actually is.  And, of course, I schedule my HVAC tune up twice annually without fail. I am hoping, this summer, to save roughly 15% on energy bills by using these tips.

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