Sitting in a sweltering courtroom

        A couple of years ago, my wife and I were forced to file for bankruptcy. I don’t know if any of you have ever been through such an embarrassing experience, but trust me when I say that it is very humiliating. The entire legal procedure took several hours to complete, and most of it happened in a large courtroom in front of an elderly judge. There were no windows of any sort in the courtroom, for security reasons. That meant that very little fresh air came into or went out of the courtroom. On the day of our bankruptcy hearing, the HVAC system at the courthouse was broken. This was during the summertime, and that meant that every office, courtroom, hallway and elevator in the entire building was incredibly hot and sticky. All the police officers, lawyers, judges, bailiffs, clerks and witnesses were grumpy, agitated and uncomfortable because of the extreme heat. I firmly believe that the judge treated my wife and I unusually harshly during our hearing, simply because he was frustrated because the air conditioning was malfunctioning. When room temperatures are too high, arguments start to happen and misunderstandings occur. That’s why it’s so incredibly important to have the HVAC units in courthouses and lawyers’ offices regularly serviced and kept in good working order at all times. Especially during the summer! Who knows how many people have been wrongly sent to jail or have lost a lawsuit, only because the air conditioning in the courthouse was not working properly during their trial?

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