This is a true maintenance issue

I work on a board of administration for a nearby school district. It is not my dream job. I prefer teaching, but when I was offered the position, my wife was expecting twins. The job pays a considerable amount more money, yet much better health insurance. I could not pass it up. The worst part of this job, is picking up the pieces of the person who had it before me. Every day, I seem to run into a new problem that I have to find a solution for. Today, it was the ever failing HVAC unit. No school can be open without a functioning heating and cooling unit. It is a state law. Nine times out of ten, the HVAC units are decades old and barely running. They are the opposite of energy and cost efficiency. I hesitate to even wonder what kind of heating and cooling is even coming out of their ventilation on any given day. The biggest problem I am seeing in the district is the severe lack of maintenance for the heating and cooling systems. We are supposed to have a basic quarterly visit from the technician to service the air filters, ductwork and overall unit. Clearly this has been neglected in the worst way. Now, I have to go around to find out why this has happened. Then, I need to determine how long they heating and cooling unit as been without servicing, and finally, I have to assess the cost of an upgrade, upkeep or cleaning of the current system in order for it to run more efficiently.

A/C system