I was aware of the issues

My friends in addition to myself honestly live in an area that has more than one different type of public transportation. Every one of my friends in addition to myself use these massive public transportation devices, in order to save time and money throughout the day. Everyone of my friends in addition to myself work in the city. If we were to commute every single day, it would honestly take about an hour and a half to get to work. Instead, every one of my friends and addition to myself can take the public transportation which carries us right to our building in less than 30 minutes. It’s an awesome kind of transportation system. Recently, everyone of my friends and addition to myself were surprised to see some automated programs changing. These automated programs increased track information plus help with lighting the routes. Even though the tracks still have a responsible driver, everything is completely automated except for emergency areas. These areas could be the simplest case of monitoring the computer to make sure it is effectively communicating. Then there are also cases where the conductor wood watch for track emergencies that the automated idea would not easily recognized. Having the idea automated is a lifesaver, especially because a sizable transits are all controlled buy a Central Computer area. This means being able to automatically monitor many different places. Every one of my friends in addition to myself can remember sometimes back when there had to be a person to manually switch the tracks. If that person fell asleep during the day, two different railswood collide.

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