I loved the heater

The country is pretty divided now over a lot of separate issues, but I wanted to share a story about how America is truly the greatest nation in the world. This is a land that still offers dreams and hope to those who previously had none. People may get all wrapped up in political drama, and fight over usual troubles our society faces, but I like to think at the end of the day all of us realize this is an amazing place to live. I am an immigrant, and I moved here about 10 years ago to try and have a better life for our family. I started teaching myself HVAC repair when I was back in the old country, using the internet and any heating and cooling repair textbooks I could find. I had not yet ever touched a real air conditioner, and had only dealt with oil heating systems before, never with a central furnace. I learned so much about heating and cooling systems, it was simple to find an apprenticeship when I legally moved to the United States. For multiple years I worked for a kind lady who owned an HVAC repair shop, and I made no secret that one day I wanted to open up my own HVAC company. She was supportive of my dreams, and when she was ready to retire she offered to sell me her business, which had an established clientele of HVAC customers. Now I am a legal citizen with my own HVAC repair business, and it couldn’t happen anywhere but in the United States.

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