A programable thermostat

Over the past couple of months, my roommates and I have been getting increasingly perplexed plus worried over our lighting bill… Every month since July, we’ve noticed the light bill continues to go up. Then now, I should preface with a few things, however the four of us have been residing in this farm house for over a year. We’re well aware of how the bills fluctuate with the seasons. Normally, the bill only entirely spikes in the winter, when the sun begins to set at 3:30, meaning we physically need the lights on more just to live! But now the utility bill has gone up almost a hundred dollars! Yet we’ve checked all throughout the farm house to make sure none of our lights are being left on. There hasn’t been a purchase of a new air conditioner or other giant appliance, so there’s no logical reason the four of us can find for the light bill to being going up so much over three months. By month three, I had to go down to the basement to get our fall decorations. While I was down there, I wanted to give the oil boiler a glance over. Not only is the boiler 36 years old, however it also hasn’t been checked in numerous years, according to the card on the side. While the four of us obviously haven’t been using the heat lately, we still have to use the boiler to heat the tepid water… Is our oil boiler be so ancient that its running up the electricity bill to heat our water? The only way to find out is to get our landlord to inspect the boiler.

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