Keeping the wasps contained

There are some things in life that you need to hire done.  You need to pay for professional services like having electrical wiring installed, a doctor’s visit, and repairs which should only be handled by licensed specialists.  We recently had a problem at our office building. l then found another important service that requires a knowledgeable serviceman. We had an infestation of bees in the Heating, Ventilation & A/C duct.  Stray bees kept finding their way inside the workspace. This was only annoying at first. After several days of running chasing after bees with fly swatters and people getting stung, we decided to call in a professional company. I was put in charge of finding a bee removal company to do the work.  I contacted more three different exterminators and I was shocked at how much they charged. Many of the estimates were as high as a thousand dollars. One of our employees made a joke about doing the job for that price. He actually looked in to the amount of equipment required, as well as the procedures involved and safety of dealing with a swarm of bees, and thought better of it.  He agreed we should pay a professional who knew what they were doing. Besides, the building is rather large, with a complex duct system, and plus we had no way of knowing exactly where the hive was located. Since they were unable to harvest the queen and attract the other bees, the whole colony had to be exterminated rather than of resituated. We certainly couldn’t leave the bees in the HVAC duct.  We wanted to start of the central cooling system.

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