I genuinely love this city

I attended college in Florida, plus fell in care about with the weather.  I decided not to transfer back north, plus found a job in Tampa. I have been living in Tampa for nearly numerous years, plus yet I continually come across modern plus fun activities to try.  Between interesting events, the waterfront, pizzerias, shopping plus theater, there’s regularly something to keep myself and others busy. My friends plus I recently tried out something called Operation City Quest, which is a legitimately immense scale scavenger hunt.  The whole interest was directed by a remote guide through our smartphones, plus we were sent all through the downtown area of Tampa. Both of us were given 150 objects to find, plus spent hours searching for them. Whenever we found an object, we took a photo with our cell phones plus scored points.  Along the way, we were asked to complete various challenges plus answer trivia questions, which gave the opportunity to score even more points. There was fifteen categories of objects to find while in our tour of Tampa, with the objects varying in points, depending on difficulty. The remote guide prompted us while in the entire scavenger hunt, plus provided help plus answers to questions.  Both of us even received extra points for creative photos. The game was a ton of fun, plus our friends plus I managed to find all of the objects. The best section was seeing the downtown area of Tampa in a whole modern way. Despite living here for nearly numerous years, there’s still shops, streets, architecture plus interesting little areas that I’ve never noticed before. As usual, the weather was entirely gorgeous for the scavenger hunt, plus it was a good way to spend a day.  

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