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The last ridiculous wind storm had me racing outside as soon as the rain had stopped! I was so worried that my heating and air conditioning condenser might have taken a bad hit! I don’t even live near the ocean or in a plains state in tornado alley, so I tend to freak out when all of us get really high winds around here because this environment just isn’t built for it, and the houses aren’t either. Tree limbs started coming down everywhere the eyes could see, and folks in older homes were really worried they would start losing parts of their roofs, piece by piece.  But fortunately for me, my roof was still fully intact; although when I came outside, there were tree branches on top of my poor ancient heating and air conditioning unit. I instantly raced over to get everything off the condenser. Then I shook the water off the tarp, and untied the straps, and pulling that thing off was like some kind of horror motion picture; I was so uneasy about what I was about to find. I breathed a big sigh of relief though when I found that my condenser hadn’t taken any destruction or damage at all. There wasn’t even a dent in the cooling system condenser cabinet.  Grateful, I replaced the tarp and carefully redid all of the straps nice and secure to get it back into where it originally was. Then I just went back to pulling branches out of my driveway for hours, and cutting up the good stuff to use as kindling in my fireplace. However when my friend came out, she was not so lucky! Her heating and air conditioning condenser had been crushed by an immensely large tree branch. I really hope she has the machine insured, otherwise that poor girl is in for a painful replacement bill.

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