The weather has dropped to the low 30s

When preparing for the seriouser parts of the year north being Winter time and south being summer. There is a lot of preparation that takes arena that is similar and then there are things that vary greatly. One of the things that is similar is that either up north or down south you must make sure your Heating & A/C idea is running properly before the most critical parts of the year such as below cold rapidly changing temperatures and snow or hottest section of the summer, however making sure that you have it serviced and worked on throughout the year helps. In the north you must make sure you have fire wood chopped if you have a fireplace and gather items for when you are snowed in, but down south you must make sure you have your hurricane rations together and plenty of water in case you can’t get out of the home after a storm! Either way you look at it there is preparation for either north or south and it doesn’t have to be a chore if you do a little at a time. Whether you are using a gas furnace or an air conditioner 1 of the most important things is to make sure it gets worked on and that if it has a filter that the filter gets changed once a week and make sure there is gas or oil for the gas furnace. If you keep those things modern and done throughout the year then there will less of emergency troubles down the road. So it doesn’t absolutely matter if you live up north or down south being prepared is vital to both.