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My wife and I always wanted to build a concrete house. When we finally built our new home, we were excited to hear there were many benefits to constructing a concrete home over a wood home. First of all, since we live in a hurricane and tornado zone, we’d be much safer in a concrete home. A sturdier building protects much better. Furthermore, a concrete house is more insulated. My wife and I would be protected would be from the brutal weather where we live. Our region suffers from boiling summers and extremely frigid winters, but installing thick concrete walls and the proper insulation material has ensured our warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer, even without HVAC. Once we decided to instal our heating and cooling system, the two of us hired a well-known, informative contractor who gave us great news! The HVAC plan my wife and I install could be significantly smaller because of the spectacular insulting abilities of our concrete walls. If we hadn’t built the house with concrete, then we would have to buy a ginormous HVAC system. My wife and I were overjoyed to learn how much money we had saved from building our home out of concrete instead of wood. Of course, the two of us still enjoy using our HVAC system regularly. However, we also love strolling into our home with temperature turned off because it’s always naturally quite a few degrees hotter or colder than outside, depending on the time of year.

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