I was quite happy

To be honest, I prioritize thermostat settings a lot more higher than the average person. When I’m shopping, sitting in the cinema, or visiting an eating establishment, I judge the location’s quality and its worthiness of my business off its HVAC system’s settings and effectiveness. Will I purchase groceries at a store with spectacular sales and bargains if the temperature control unit blows no warmth in the winter and no air in the summer? Certainly not. In this situation, I care about the shopping atmosphere more than the sales I could get. The same goes for watching a film in the theater. I’d much rather wait for the $1 DVD rental than shiver to death in a freezing cold cinema. The same logic follows for even the most scrumptious meals in a restaurant. If the establishment makes me shiver or sweat, it’s not getting my money. By now, you’re probably wondering if I have a top-grade heating and cooling system in my house. You’re right! I’ve skimped out on no expenses to ensure that both my main house and lake house stay at the ideal temperature, no matter the outside weather. Everyone has different priorities, but mine never waver. I strive to never feel uncomfortable in my own residence.

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