I’m improving my comfort

About a five months ago, I was fortunate enough to arrange my work schedule so I can work from home.  I no longer need to set an alarm, put on a suit and drive to the office. I am not forced to keep a schedule, report to a boss, or deal with co-workers.  Planning my own day, dressing in sweatpants and sipping coffee helps my productivity. But, I needed to make some changes to my home to accommodate my job.  Once I started working from home I could no longer shut down the HVAC system all day to conserve energy. Instead, I was heating the entire home all day long.  This was costing a fortune in heating oil. Since I worked only in my home office, I was unnecessarily wasting heat. I spoke with a local Heating and Air Conditioning company and they recommended I upgrade my heater to zone control.  A HVAC tech installed a series of dampers within the ducts which customizes the supply of airflow for room-by-room control. There is now an independent thermostat in each room. I can set the temperature in my office without heating the rest of the house.  I also invested in a wireless thermostat linked to my computer giving me remote access. I sit at my desk and make adjustments. These upgrades have not only saved me a lot of money, they’ve greatly improved comfort.

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