A smart kid

My brother, Joe, has always been the brains of the family. I have five siblings and out of everyone he is by far the brightest. Joe is four years younger than me and I would got to him for help while we were both in school. I was always struggling to keep up in my classes, but Joe would be the first one to offer to help me out. It was a really good bonding experience for us and it led us to work together in the future, we just didn’t know it yet. Many people in our small town thought Joe was squandering a gift we he didn’t go to college and decided to start his own HVAC company. However, little did they know that it was the smartest decision Joe ever made. Owning your own HVAC company in a small town is a very lucrative business. Joe owns the only HVAC company in the whole town and he gets all the heating and cooling repairs. He is so busy that he offered me a job to come on and help out with demand. I was happy to take the job because I knew that college wasn’t the right path for me either. Now we both run this HVAC company and make more money than we ever would have if we decided to go to college. I love that we are also building something that I know we can pass down to our kids one day and that is a great gift!

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