I’m making some big changes

For about the past several years, I’ve worked in the office of an HVAC service company.  I answer the phone, schedule service, plus handle billing and inventory. The salary is great, plus, I love the work.  The only negative is the HVAC system in the office. Despite being a heating/cooling business, the equipment all of us rely on is outdated, neglected plus in bad shape.  While our crew of professionals installs new furnaces, boilers, heat pumps plus central cooling systems in local homes regularly, our equipment never gets an hour’s thought.  No one bothers with the annual servicing, and I am the only one who ever changes the air filters. Because of this, the office is hot and sticky in the summer, drafty and cold in the winter.  The yearly energy bills are high plus the air quality is terrible. Whenever the furnace cycles on, I start sneezing and rubbing my eyes. When the air conditioning runs, the office gets musty and I get a headache.  I always beg the professionals to service our HVAC system, but they never have time. Since I’m the one who sets up service calls, I’m tempted to book an appointment for our office. I think it would improve energy efficiency and comfort. It certainly would improve the overall cleanliness of the building if the heater was simply cleaned and adjusted.  Honestly, we should replace the entire system with a more energy efficient unit. The current system is at least twenty years old, and absolutely isn’t going to last much longer.