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If you are putting in a home, you should get a forced air Heating & A/C system. Ductless Heating & A/C units are ideal, however they just don’t have the electrical push! Central Heating & A/C units use ductwork connected throughout the house to make the whole home 1 temperature. If you don’t wish for a room to be at the same temperature, block off the air vent plus you are all set to go, however most aged homes don’t have air ducts in there though. Installing ductworks is not that easy plus real difficult on the home. So, if you happen to be building your home from the bottom up, invest in some air vents. This ensures there is no damage to your house. Also the HVAC ducts are set up way better plus tighter. It is harder to put the ductwork in an older wall. It is quite simple to put in the ducts bent, disfigured plus cracked. This will have the Heating & A/C air to blow out of the home plus lead to higher bills. Also the Heating & A/C unit will do too much work on itself plus breakdown. You want the ductwork installed the correct way. Another way to be for certain the ductwork is wonderful is to get a company that does the actual metal work. Some Heating & A/C suppliers have a metal shop with the HVAC business. So only one person does all the ductwork stuff. They then can do it the exact way you want it.