HVAC situations

After three years of teaching at the exact same school, teaching the same lessons, I had settled in to the same daily routine. I always knew how to arrange everything in advance for the school year, get my materials and lessons in order for my classes, and exactly what I was going to teach. But all of this came to a halt a couple of days ago when I found out that several changes were taking place. First, my classroom was different, then my class schedule had changed, and to top it all off, I was assigned to teach a math class! It was a drastic change for me. I have no experience as a math instructor, and therefore have no confidence in my ability to teach math right now. What’s worse, school starts in a matter of days. I’m also feeling annoyed about the HVAC situation in my new classroom. Even though it’s just down the hall from my old classroom, the air conditioning and heating are considerably less efficient. The air conditioning, especially, makes a strange rattling noise when starting up, which I know will be a major distraction to me and my students. The new classroom has an analog thermostat, as opposed to a digital one. This makes it challenging to know precisely what temperature the air conditioning or heat is set to. In my previous classroom, I would set specific temperatures every day as part of my routine. I miss the convenience and ease of that thermostat, and would love to have it in my new classroom! Although I will eventually adjust to this new environment and teaching schedule, at the moment I’m feeling rather dismayed.

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