I canceled the plans

Sometimes the sun can be actually deceiving. I was actually gleeful when I woke up to see orange skies plus beaming sun last week! I whipped open my curtains, threw on a sundress plus jean jacket plus went to head out the door! Once I stepped outside, I was a little chilly, however it wasn’t unbearable, so I continued about with my day because I figured while I was in my car, I would heat up with my heated seats plus I’d crank the heat in my car. Well, let myself and others tell you how wrong I was! I turned my heat up full blast plus couldn’t get the air to turn up even a little bit – no matter what setting I used, or what temperature I turned the knob too, it still was cooler air, then this was so poor plus mislead my whole entire outfit plus plan for the day because by the time I realized it, I was already almost 40 minutes from my house, but so now, I had to cancel my fun plans for the day plus then go to the mechanic instead because my heating plan was not actually working properly. When I went to the mechanic, he knew instantly what the problem was – he said my temperature control was bad plus that it wasn’t allowing my engine to heat up properly! Who knew such a straightforward thing could screw up my whole heating plan in my car! Now, I have l received to never dress according to the weather out of my window, plus to never overreact about my cars heating plan because it was fixed within the same day!

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