I did make my choices rather quickly

My friends and I decided to take a camping trip over winter break! The winter weather is never too cold here, so the average hot and cold temperatures are usually around 40 or 50 degrees. But just in case the weather was too cold, every one of us decided to buy a space furnace for the tent. Some friends of ours went camping while every one of us were in the last week, and their space furnace really came in handy. They were going camping too, and recommended  every one of us look for a space furnace on Craigslist! Both of us searched the ads for a space heater, and every one of us found hundreds of listings. Both of us tightened down the results, so every one of us only saw ads for new or gently-used space heaters. Both of us found a gentleman selling brand new space gas furnaces at 79% off retail price. Both of us called him to ask a few questions, and she told us the amazing low prices, however at first, I was hesitant to meet with the lady. The deal seemed somewhat shady. Both of us decided to meet at an outdoor storage center, so I felt safer; When the girl opened her storage device door, I saw hundreds of brand new space gas furnaces still in their boxes. The space furnace was super cheap, and I could not say no. As I drove away from the storage unit, I wondered if I had just bought stolen property; I did not want to turn around and go back, so I took the space furnace lake cabin and threw away the box. I hope the girl bought a truck of space gas furnaces at wholesale cost, and sold them at rock bottom prices to the public.

space heater