A tolerable level

I absolutely dread going to the dentist. This morning, I had an appointment to getting a filling. My appointment was at eleven o’clock, but I was kept waiting inside the waiting room until noon. Since the dentist usually keeps me hanging around, I was prepared for today. I brought along a couple magazines to read to pass the time. I was not, however, prepared for the freezing cold waiting room. It is only the beginning of November, and although the weather is reasonably mild, autumn is definitely here. The leaves are changing colors and are steadily falling, and the temperature outside was sixty degrees. I was comfortable in sweatpants and a short-sleeve shirt, but I brought along a jacket because it looked like it could rain. Thank goodness I brought the jacket, because the entire dentist’s office was extremely cold. They had definitely been blasting the air conditioner on high capacity all day. I could feel the cold air pouring inside from the supply vents. I tried adjusting seats multiple times, but was not able to avoid getting hit by the freezing air. Once I was called back to the main room, I hoped that my appointment would move along more rapidly. The dental hygienist situated me in my chair, put a bib around my neck, and then left.  I then waited for twenty more minutes, and I still had to endure the air conditioner. I wonder at what point within the year does the dentist shut down the air conditioner and start up the heater? Today was the perfect day to go without any sort of HVAC system, they could cut down on energy costs and enjoy fresh air from outside.

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