We need a clean home

My sister and I have had our own cleaning service for nearly four years already.  We hadn’t gotten into this business deliberately. We honestly never even considered doing cleaning for a living.  It seemed to have just been handed to us. My brother had been working for an apartment complex as the business manager.  The company that handled all of the cleaning had suddenly quit their job. He was in a pinch and he asked myself and our sister if we wanted to earn a quick $400.  He had four apartments that needed to be cleaned from top to bottom. He didn’t have anyone to do the cleaning and he wanted to know if we would do the job for him. He was pleased with our job and he asked if we would consider continuing the job until he could find another cleaning company that he could contract.  We found out that we were enjoying doing the job and we began to toss around the idea of opening our own cleaning service. We joked that we could put in a proposal for the business of this very property. Surprisingly, our brother thought it was an amazing idea. We had good business heads and we had the know how. It didn’t take a lot of money to start a cleaning business.  We didn’t even need any insurances since we were only a cleaning company. We have now had this company for over five years and we now have ten employees. We have added office buildings to our apartment cleaning business. Now we are fantasizing about having a business where we can have vans with our own names on the sides.

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