I make a very good living

My fiance was adamant about us getting a house together.  I was not quite sure if I was ready for this move yet, but I was not ready to move into the house he had chosen.  His friend had lived there, and it smelled of cat urine and dog feces. I told him that if he expected me to move in there, he had to have the carpet cleaned professionally.  My boyfriend had a cat and I knew about the shedding and the odors, and I was not going to live in a home that had that smell and the dander. He called the HVAC company and asked them to come clean the carpets.  The next day he told me he was picking me up. When we got to the house, it reeked worse than before the carpet cleaners were there. I told him that if those carpets had been professionally cleaned, there would not be puddles of water, or that odor.  The house would smell fresh and clean. He called the HVAC company and they said that it could up to two full days for the floor to dry. I rolled my eyes which had him a bit upset. The next day he called them again and said they had to do something about the floors.  He ended up calling a different carpet cleaning company. They came and recleaned the floors. They came back twice, so they could get all of the water out of the carpet and to eliminate the odors. When I walked into the house, I told him that was how a professional carpet cleaner left the carpeting.