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The furnace required service and repair from an Heating plus A/C serviceman early last winter. The neighbors that live upstairs informed the property owner the cause of the destruction likely occurred when their children had played in the basement without permission some weeks back. The people I was with and I had not required heat yet as summer time was just ending and the water was heated with separately with electricity. This allowed for the property owner to hold off on contacting an Heating plus A/C repair guy as it was not a priority for him. Once the first evening to drop below 60 degrees happened, It became apparent there was an issue with our home’s oil furnace still and our property owner needed to hire someone to service the heating unit, however until then, the house was uncomfortable and cold to the point of seeing your own breath indoors at times. The furnace was still operating but the air it was distributing was not warm in the slightest; My property owner called an Heating plus A/C installation and repair corporation and it was 2 days before an Heating plus A/C serviceman arrived and both of us received service. After said Heating plus A/C serviceman attempted to solve the heating problem by replacing a part, it became clear that both of us needed a modern furnace entirely. The serviceman recommended  a few heating and cooling companies to browse for an affordable modern unit to heat the house that he or someone else from his Heating plus A/C corporation would return to install… Due to the dimensions of the basement stairs, the modern furnace had to be small enough to fit through. This obstacle proved to be the most challenging when browsing for a upgradement furnace to install.

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