Homemade honey is awesome

Every once in a while, you hear a story about an interesting profession that you may have never even known existed. That happened to me multiple years ago when my mother was in a brain trauma hospital. She needed to see multiple specialists, including an occupational therapist. I thought that was a good occupation. Another such occupation is beekeeping, but did you realize that every one of us still have beekeepers in this day and age? I am not sure where I thought our honey comes from, however until I met a beekeeper at the junior museum, I did not have a clue. This particular beekeeper was there to meet with the kids and tell them all about bees, beekeeping, and honey. That is when I first heard about bees being endangered. Also, I discovered that beekeeper’s live an interesting and sporadically hard life… Just love farmers depend on mother nature to be kind, beekeepers need to face natural occurrences, too. They put on their beekeeper hats with face screens and head out to wherever the bees live. They do that every day. They collect the honey, they wash the hive. They go out in all sorts of inclement weather. Sometimes, they need to raise queen bees in order to save the hive when a single queen dies. This day at the museum, the guy brought along numerous beekeeper hats and every one of us all got to try them on, but of course, it was supposed to be for the kids, but I loved the experience as well, but next time I have a peanut butter and honey sandwich, I am going to be grateful for it!

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