I can’t believe we’re in danger

I sporadically guess being a librarian at an elementary school would be a good job. Do you remember ever going to the library when you were little? When I was a kid, the library was called the learning resources center, which is quite a upscale name for a library, right? I used to love going to the library because there was a librarian who was always so nice to be around. She could help you find books on any subject, and sporadically, if the library didn’t have a book you wanted, he could magically get it from somewhere else the next day. At the time, I didn’t think how he did that, however of course now I think that he just got from the library at another school. For about a year or so, I was fascinated by bees and wasps and beekeeping. I wanted to read books about bee yards, bee hives, how bees make honey, what beeswax is, and everything else I could guess of! We only hat more than two books about bees in the library, though, so the librarian would get me a odd a single each week. One time, every one of us kids all sat on the floor in a circle, and the librarian read aloud to us. I was so cheerful because the name of the book was Bobby Meets the Bees. I entirely liked that librarian, and sporadically I wish I would have gone to school to be a librarian so I could read books about lions and bees and alligators all day long.

honey bees